Betfair is a British gambling that is globally popular as one of the biggest virtual betting exchanges. It has several products like online poker, casino, and sports betting. It is highly popular among players of different age groups.


Play Online Betfair Betting to Earn Profit

Online Betfair is the largest global platform for the best sports betting exchange. Here you can do the online betting sites in India by replacing share with different betting odds on several events, such as politics, sports, and entertainment.

The working process is simple, like any other betting. There will be two ends, one side that will support that the event will happen, and they are called the layers. The other side will be betting on the same thing but expecting that won’t happen, and they are called the backers.

Know about Betfair Terminologies and Get Familiar with It

If you are a beginner at Betfair, then take the comprehensive guidance from Key11. We provide complete assistance in Betfair betting and ensure maximum profit. Take our special advice on terminologies so that you can become a pro in this:


  • Arbing

Arbing refers to taking advantage of odd variations and making a profit irrespective of the outcome. It involves combined betting, thus guaranteeing your profit.

  • Asian Handicaps

Asian handicap stands for football match betting. Here two teams get a handicap of positive and negative. Further, handicaps have some figures that represent a goal deficit.

  • Back Bet

Black bet is a traditional gambling form where you bet on any event that can happen. Backers and layers place a bet on this type of gambling.

  • Back to Lay

In this type of betting, bettors take advantage of inflation or fluctuation of the prices, irrespective of the outcome. Further, it is also beneficial as bettors can place bets on the low price and get back up when the prices go upwards. This laying and backing together are called hedging.


  • Betfair Starting Price

Betfair’s starting price is mainly the odds that you get at the beginning of a betting. There is no such margin profit so you can get better odds.

  • Drift

Drift refers to the longer selection of odds in the exchange market. On the other hand, if the odds get shorter, it will be considered as streaming.

  • Green Book

The green book refers to getting a margin that can help revive you at an exchange from any risk. Contrary to the Red book, it denotes your profitable position.

  • Liquidity

Liquidity is the money you can use to place a bet on suitable odds. If you use more than the amount visible on the screen, then the amount will be considered as an ‘unmatched bet’ which will be available for the other bettors.

  • Trading

Trading is similar to the Betfair exchange, like of stock market. The platform will provide you with the ideal trading option so that you can get an assured winning outcome irrespective of the game result.

  • Commission

Commission refers to the amount that you have to pay to the Betfair exchange for your net winnings. However, in the Betfair exchange, you will get the most reasonable commission rate and rebate at this rate.

Why Choose to Bet on Betfair?

The platform ensures that every player gets a high profit on playing Betfair exchange with increased benefits. These beneficial aspects are:

  • Lay Betting

Lay betting is one of the most beneficial aspects of the Betfair exchange as it can give you the maximum profit regardless of the outcome. By getting a online betting India, you will be able to unlock the world of profit and possibilities.

  • Neutral Ground

One of the most prominent features of Betfair is it is a neutral ground. Here, you are simply against another bettor and gain or lose money as per your betting status. There are no hidden charges or complicated processes, so you can bet worry-free and earn profit accordingly.

  • Improved Odds

Betfair is a well-known platform for attractive odds. So by choosing this type of gambling, you will be able to unlock profitable odds and added benefits. So, it will be a very profitable start for your betting career.

  • Profit Locking in

Betfair offers to lock in your profit as often as you want. You can cash out on a whole new level without thinking of the result, which is a strong approach to getting secured profit.

Why is Betfair Exchange So Popular?

Betfair gambling is popular for many reasons. You will get several assistance from this gambling platform, such as:

  • The platform ensures 100% customer satisfaction by providing round-the-clock customer service. So you can resolve your issue at any time.
  • The platform offers profitable gambling opportunities with different bonuses and deals
  • The platform is completely mobile optimized
  • You can earn maximum profit without any risk of identity theft or data loss
  • Our signing-up process is also quite easy

So, get your online betting sites with bonus for Betfair exchange and get chances to win profit by simple playing and clear understanding provided by the platform.