Rummy has taken over the online games field. It is being played by young people along with middle-aged and old individuals. Everyone is competing to be the best and win big on our Key11 platform.


Play Online Rummy Game and Make Money

Anyone looking to make real money should use our platform to play Rummy game online. However, before starting to play a person should know a few of the basics of this game. Hence, go through some basics and tips that will help an individual to start playing and learn to win in the process.

Play with The Online Rummy Games App and Earn Money

Every game has an objective to achieve and so does Rummy. The basic objective of this card game is to assemble 13 cards in valid sequences and sets. People seeking a win will need to create 2 sequences at least. In addition, out of the 2 sequences, one requires to be a pure sequence while another one can be formed using any valid sets or sequences.

Creating pure sequence is a must and one of the vital rules of this game that people need to make to win a match. You can use Key11 – the best rummy app to play and earn big today!


Basics of Online Rummy Games App

Before putting money on the table, go through the basics of this game a bit:

This card game is played among 6 players at the most and 2 players at the least. Also, there are two decks of cards that are shuffled and distributed among the players. Each player on the table is dealt a hand that consists of 13 cards. In addition, one random is picked to be the game’s joker, which is quite powerful and handy always. People can learn more from our online rummy games app before starting to play.

According to the rules of India Rummy, a player will need to arrange all of his/her 13 cards in 2 valid sequences, before declaring a win. To create pure and valid sequences, one will have to draw cards and either use or discard them based on their need. In addition, using a joker will help to create an impure sequence work in his/her favor. If a player wins, then our best online casino real money will be transferred to a player’s account.


  • Points for Cards in Rummy

Each card has a different point value in this game. The highest point holders are Jack, King, Queen, and Ace. Wild cards and jokers have zero value; the rest of the card sface valueis the point value. For instance, 8 means 8 points, 9 means 9 points, etc.

  • Forming Sequences

There are two types of sequences that people can form to secure a win. One is a pure sequence and another is an impure one. Pure sequence means having a collection of 3 or more cards of a singular suit in consecutive sequence. For instance, one can have a sequence of heart suits say 5,6, & 7. This will be a pure sequence.

An impure sequence will consist of joker usage instead of a missing car. For example, a player can have 5,6, & 8 hearts and to complete this suit, one can use a joker instead of a 7-heart card to create a sequence.

This is everything you need to know and play the best online Rummy game on our platform.