Sports betting in India has become popular in the last few years, especially after the start of IPL. Once an individual knows how to do betting on IPL 2024 in India, he/she will keep coming back to our platform to always win big.


Betting has become a common practice for people in India and thus, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people who bet on cricket and other sports. It is quite easy to bet on IPL and other sports when using the Key11 platform. Hence, take a look at the details of twenty 20 betting and more.

How to Start Betting on IPL 2024?

To start betting on our platform all you need is a valid account. Create an account on the Best IPL betting sites in India in easy steps:

  • Reach our account creation page
  • Click on and join the Key11 platform and start filling out the form. You can fill out the form by placing the required personal and contact details along with bank details
  • Once the account is created, a confirmation is sent from our side
  • After receiving confirmation, a person will have to deposit the minimum amount set for betting on IPL matches
  • When deposit money is transferred to one’s Key11 account, he/she can start betting on IPL matches according to his/her preference


Follow these steps and start earning money from the number one betting site in India. However, creating one account on Key11 is enough to bet on IPL matches along with other sports matches, online casino games, and Rummy.

Odds and Betting Aspects

The odds for every bet are portrayed on our official site before and during the match. Odds might change; however, once a bet is placed, even if odds are changed it doesn’t affect bets that are placed before a change occurred.

Cricket betting apps legal in India, especially on IPL tournaments are made on which team will win a match, which time is likely to win the tournament, etc. However, betting sites with welcome bonus include on a per-ball basis such as which ball will be a six, four, or an out. Other betting options include match winner, total ducks, match handicap, top bowler, top batsman, coin toss winner, total maidens, highest opening partnership, total wickets, man of the match, and more.

There is a vast option when it comes to cricket exchange betting app and this is the reason for its growing popularity over time. In addition, to keeping up with IPL betting, one can always stay on our website for IPL cricket score 2024 as we offer a continuous live update of every match that takes place.


Is Online IPL Betting Legal in India?

One of the common questions people ask is whether it is legal to bet using an online betting id. There is exactly no law created that prohibits people to bet on IPL matches online. The simple reason for this is that India doesn’t have any adequate regulation related to online betting. Hence, people can bet without much worry.

So, get the Key11 platform’s online betting id in India and start betting to earn a massive amount on every match. Sports betting is ideal for people who know about cricket and other sports. Thus, hurry and create an account before the start of the 2024 IPL season.