Bet on IPL 2024 in India: Predictions, Sites and Betting Guide

Bet on IPL 2023 in India

IPL 2024 has created enough buzz in India with new players, controversies, and exciting gameplay. With general audiences sports bettors are also enjoying this cricket season a lot. However, if you are a new punter in this IPL betting you need some guidance. Keep scrolling through the article to get a comprehensive discussion on how to bet on IPL 2024 in India.


Bet on IPL 2024 in India: Predictive Analysis

If you want to bet on IPL 2024 in India, you must know the prediction and analysis. You also need to have proper knowledge of the gaming situation. There are two groups in IPL 2024. Group A has Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Gujarat Titans, and Lucknow Super Giants. Group B has Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrise Hyderabad.

Here are a few predictive analyses about these teams that you should know before betting:

  • Chennai Super Kings

The strength of Chennai Super Kings this season is the strong squad and the weakness is their bowling part. Also, the team play seems dependent on only one or two players so it can be non-profitable for the bettors.

  • Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals seems strong with their strong bowling lineup and batting order. However, not having some efficient players due to their accidents is a minus point for this team. The team of Delhi Capitals seems very effective in the betting world for their aggressive gameplay.


  • Kolkata Knight Riders

The bowling lineup of KKR seems a bit weak this season, however, the new team is quite flexible. Players are really hopeful about their field performance.

  • Gujarat Titans

The Gujarat Titans team is confident and strong with their efficient bowlers, hitters and smart gaming strategies. With the amazingly balanced gameplay of Hardik Pandya, the team has gained the trust of the bettors.

  • Lucknow Super Giants

The team boasts its all-rounder players who are capable of delivering a great feat on the field. The punters are really looking forward to this team’s performance.

  • Mumbai Indians

The Mumbai Indians team also is quite strong with its fast bowlers, international players, and young inclusions. The team acquisition seems really hopeful for profitable bettings.


  • Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals seems perfect to Bet on IPL 2024 in India because of its great squad, great hitters and bowlers. The team is considered one of the best teams in IPL 2024.

  • Punjab Kings

With some of the best Indian and international players, Punjab Kings is one of the strongest teams in IPL 2024. Their batting strength, bowling lineup and squad everything seem perfect and convincing to the punters to win some great bets.

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

The team led by the Indian Skipper is pretty convincing in their gameplay in IPL 2024. The team’s aggressive approach, smart strategies etc. are helpful for the bettors to win some great profit.

  • Sunrise Hyderabad

Sunrise Hyderabad has changed the whole squad for better performance. The new team seems pretty strong and bettors can expect betting-worthy performance from this team.

Best IPL Betting Sites 2023 in India

Here are a few betting sites in India that are perfect to bet on IPL 2024:


  1. Key11

Key11 is one of the most popular Indian platforms for sports betting. You can have great odds and bonuses on this platform. Also, the platform is completely licensed and it promotes easy deposit and withdrawals.

  1. Parimatch

A well-reviewed platform for online cricket betting, Parimatch can be a great option for punters. The main attraction of this platform is great welcome bonuses. You will also experience smooth handling because of its sharp technology.

  1. Betway

Betway is a smart choice for bettors because of its attractive user interface, regional language options, live betting options, and mobile friendliness. You can find the best odds in the Betway sportsbook.

  1. 10 Cric

10 Cric boasts a wide range of sports where punters can bet and earn great profits. For the current IPL season, this platform can be a great option to bet and earn seamless profits. Also, the generous welcome bonuses are worth mentioning.

  1. Fun88

Fun88 is one of the best IPL Betting Sites 2024 in India for its promising features. This optimized website is a great option for bettors where they can enjoy multiple unique aspects while betting.


Bet on IPL 2023 in India: A Brief Guide

If you are a newbie in IPL betting follow the below guide to start your betting journey with confidence:

  • Research sites and choose one that suits your expectations
  • Set the budget smartly and do not get manipulated by emotions
  • Analyse the team performance beforehand
  • Start with small bets for less risk
  • Go for the sites that provide welcome bonuses
  • Check the security aspects of the site properly

Thus, betting on IPL 2024 in India is now easier with this guide. You have to think and act smartly while doing sports betting as this is really tricky. Rely on the predictions but also do your own research. Start sports betting and earn profit by flexing your skills and knowledge.

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