How Have Indian Players Performed Since Selection in the T20 World Cup Squad?

T20 World Cup Squad

Preparations of T20 World Cup 2024 – the cricketing world’s most awaited event – are in full swing; and with the focus of cricket enthusiasts and spectators on those given the honor to represent their respective nations, the pressure is unbearable. India is the land of sports lovers and cricket is their most obsessed stake.

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Attention is like fire which burns the whole nation. Fans already have the desired players listed in their minds, and they are probably waiting for their performance in the World Cup, especially those who took the national team berth in IPL 2024 after a remarkable performance in domestic leagues.

The article that follows is focused on their success or failure since the time they were selected as cricketers.

The Performance Of Indian Players Since Selection in the T20 World Cup Squad

●       Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli does the job of talisman for the Indian cricket team. He carries the burden of huge responsibility on his shoulders. Although his form leading up to the T20 World Cup 2024 was under scrutiny, his performance post-selection has been commendable.


He has consistently displayed his craftsmanship, with each match coming around even as he subtly stands at the helm of the team. Continuing to lead and smashing right-arm batting plays a crucial part in this season’s campaign of the team.

●       Yashavi Jaiswal

The youthful Jaiswal whom many believed to be a budding star found his place in the Indian team for the T20 World Cup 2024. This announcement was made with a lot of optimism. Not only did he produce the match-winning shot, but he also showcased his batting skills in IPL 2024 and was instrumental in his team’s success.

Because of this, Jaiswal has not only maintained his enviable display of consistency and maturity but has started to become a diamond in the rough. Adjusting the tempo of the innings is his forte and also known as an asset to India because he performs under tremendous pressure in a big audience. No doubt he will be a great opener with skipper Rohit.

●       Rohit Sharma

In the T20 captain team, there is a vice-captain named Rohit Sharma who should not be underestimated as he is known to brutally slaughter the bowling attacks. He started entertaining the audience and the whole nation in the matches he played after his selection, and that too from top order.


He was at his best and scored free-flowing runs. One of the secret weapons of India is Rohit Sharma, who can make brisk starts, and convert them into substantial scores which bodes well for India’s possibilities in the tournament.

●       Sanju Samson

Versatility that allows Sanju Samson to thrive in different batting positions, meant that he was very likely to feature in the final squad. After a successful selection, the consistency of his performances was noted, whether it was at the top of the order or to provide stability in the middle order. His capability of accelerating when needed made him an important cog in the batting line-up of India.

●       Rishabh Pant

The young and aggressive left-handed batsman, Rishabh Pant boldly shocked the selectors with his best performances during the IPL 2024. Famous for playing with courage and delighting the cricketing world with his amazing wicket-keeping behind the stump, Pant has set the tempo for team India. In subsequent installments, he remained dominant in his audacious style of play.

●       Ravindra Jadeja

One more name which dominates Indian cricket now is Ravindra Jadeja who plays fluently and builds the innings generally therefore he gets to have a place in the T20 World Cup 2024.

Jaddu’s IPL 2024 performances were an undeniable highlight, epitomizing his closeness to playing skills that were beyond his age. From the day he was appointed, he has played with consistency and has proved to the rest he is a good applicant for a middle-order position.

●       Surya Kumar Yadav

Surya Kumar Yadav is a comprehensive and multi-purpose player whose selection in the Indian T20 World Cup 2024 creates holistic support for the squad. He performed in the IPL 2024 successfully by making runs and taking wickets which gave him the integrity of being the team player in the shorter format. But afterward, Surya has been continuously harnessing his skills to make an effect on the world stage.

●       Axar Patel

Axar Patel, with his cunning leg spin, managed to rout batsmen, who could not anticipate his tricky nature. He went on to be selected in the T20 World Cup 2024 squad which was based upon the back of his consistent play in IPL 2024.

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Axar’s unique ability to take the key wickets, particularly in the middle overs goes a long way in solidifying India’s bowling attack as well as the balance of the side as a whole. He keeps working hard and improving his wrists after the selection and cannot wait to filth out opposition batsmen on the global stage.


In conclusion, the list of Indian players representing the T20 World Cup 2024 with their performance in IPL 2024 is highly commendable. The players, young and experienced, are the main actors that put the equilibrium of the team.


As the T20 World Cup 2024 is unfolding, the fans can count on this batch of players to contribute to India’s winning story. Their triumphs in the finals after the selection prove their dedication to shining bright on the world stage. So, if you are a cricket lover and want to bet on cricket matches Key11 can be your favorite betting platform.

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